Rays of Sunshine

The audience consisted mostly of Lebanese, Syrian and Iraqi women living in precarious conditions.

The event started at 9:30 with the famous dietician, Mrs. Monique Bassila Zaarour who talked about how healthy the Lebanese food can be for everyone if some ground rules were followed. Dr. Daisy Samaha, a specialist in Internal Medicine highlighted the importance of leading healthy life starting by some basic fitness moves to practice at home with house tools even with a toddler or a baby. Later, she explained how to self-exam to help detect breast cancer earlier.

Special thanks to Tailor-Kit www.tailor-Kit.com and Elie wakim - Il Biscotto for their complimentary contribution.
04 Dec 2018
Under the high patronage of Mrs. Claudine Aoun Roukoz, the congregation of the...
11 Nov 2018
Every year youth and adults take part in the Beirut Marathon.
09 Nov 2018
We cooperate with other NGOs to fight injustice in the region
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